Find Yourself, Live a Life with Purpose,

& Fulfill Your Dream


Remote Healing [한글버전보기]

We remove negative energy from you and recharge you with positive energy. What do you want to fix in your life?  Peace, happiness and love in your mind.


Drinking ONEMUL is the second phase of the healing process. You are made of what you drink and what you eat. The heptagonal water will purify and heal your mind and body.

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The most important part of SW healing is sharing the healing experience and gratitude with others. After the healing, you'll have the power to give positive influence to others.


Find yourself, live a life with a purpose, and fulfill your drEAM

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ONEMUL Stories

Here we share life lessons learned from Healing....

Everyone wants to know their future

If you don’t put in any efforts by vaguely trusting you have a good future, you can not get there.

All the worries are illness of mind

You need to recognize that your life has much suffering and realize that you can love your life.

Everything in the world depends on what you think

If you use your imagination with a clear dream, success will come unexpectedly fast.


Thank you note from the world

let me take this opportunity to thank you for your healing, advice & support - all are greatly appreciated. It is evident that you are a healer with wisdom & insight. May you be blessed 100x from above for your kind & gracious heart.
— A from NY
Thank you so much. My heart is full of love now.
— Sarah from LA
After drinking one water, I became healthier and more energetic than ever.
— Austin Z
Before meeting SW and one water, I was suffering from past traumas, obesity and depression.... always worried about uncertainty.
— Kimberly