Everyone wants to know their future.


Visible and invisible

Visible things are related, exist but do not exist, and classified as thoughts. Invisible things are not related, do not exist but exist, and classified as mind.

It is connected to the mental world by thoughts and realizes visibly in invisible place. It refers to the state that gets bad by becoming visible in invisible place.

It is same as getting sick by eating something abnormal when you cook it with spoiled ingredients and food itself gets bad.

Family needs to get together and mind training, and thoughts and mind need to be remodeled to rise and change. From individual to individual, in order to find peace in our minds, we need to spread out from family to society and to the whole world.

Everyone wants to know their future.

If you live in reality, diligently with your dream, you can realize your dreams.

If you don’t put in any efforts by vaguely trusting that you have a good future, you can not get there.

If you are normal, you will live in wise mind and don’t become a fool.

Quietly close your eyes and think about it while looking back to yourself.