Everything in the world depends on what you think.

Everything in the world depends on what you think. If you want to set up and manage a right goal, you need to group tasks that are your top priorities and that are not, and practice it in your lives.

You need to be able to give up even if you were not able to accomplish it perfectly, you need to stop being so impetuous and solve this with patience.

If you use your imagination with a clear dream, by brainwashing yourself that you will definitely accomplish it, just by doing so success will come unexpectedly fast.

If the situation that anything you do doesn’t last continues, you need to make a judgement that you shouldn’t blame your incompetence and weakness; but overcome the situation state in order to focus on the achievement.

It is hard to comprehend the central characteristics because of the too many thoughts about yourself; but it is good to consult or ask about your strengths and weaknesses directly with a confidence in the judgement and without selfish interest.

The mental attitude that accepts even unpleasant words generously has to be preceded.

If you spent 60% ~ 70% of your live, diligently and tied up, you can say that 20% ~ 30% of your live are left.

You have been living as false self, but if you found your true self from now on, you need to live with service mind and service mental, in order to say that it was valuable death and you lived well and left.


If you die while being only interested in fulling your own needs, you will die and have resentment.

If you got benefit for some reason or escaped from the throes of death, you will realize how to live together and service mind and thoughts are when other people become better, that joy gets doubled and get back to you in the end.

You need to live with truthful mind that comes from the belief.

If you live while doing rituals and helping each other, the answer will return back to you.
Suhan Watersuccess