Power of life — Our life is blocked by a lot of things.

There are various kinds of people in the world. You can’t evaluate their special ability only with your experiences and knowledge.

Human coexist with the luck.

If we don’t straight our center out and stand strait, ghost will control our mind and body. When young, we can control our luck with pure blood. As our blood becomes muddy, however, we can be controlled by our luck and ruin our health. In the end, we will lose our money or honer.

Especially, people can’t quit gambling and drug, even though they know they should, because they are controlled by ghost. Also, shamans who can see other’s future with soul traits, can’t live a smooth life in the end, controlled by murky things.

Above this, our life is blocked by a lot of things.

Resentment of family background that is made by words and behaviors between parents and children that can hurt each other.
Resentment between husbands and wife, who lived and enjoyed together for half of their life and connected with sex and money.
Resentment of life made by oneself while living.
Resentment that are deep inside and came from one’s who feel heavy because they cant fulfilled one’s mission of born right away.
Resentment caused by one’s bodily pain.
Resentment caused when someone end one’s life with regret.
Shocking events while living becomes resentment and remain inside of one’s heart as a bitter root.

This bitter root becomes threatening energy and generates a vein of water. In the end, it became bad karma that blocks your way and become vein of water which blocks not only yours but also your children’s way and go down. We must solve this to go our way smoothly.

This doesn’t apply to everyone, of course.

There are people who are born strong and don’t influenced by murky things but it passes down to their children. Life can spread out differently according to the spouse.

Like life differs from persons to person, criterion of one’s happiness differs.

If we are clean and stand straight, one with a tough fate can reduce their pains and live happily.
Suhan Water