Life is good and you can enjoy the best.

COMFORT FOOD. It is the food of comfort, the food that makes your mind gentle. When you eat the food of your old memory, you feel the feeling of finding happiness and peace.

I am home, I am with good people. I am with people who value me.

Like this, the taste of the food from your hometown is memorized in your thought and soul.

There are two reasons why you especially want to eat these.

When you are in a weak and lonely moments, feel home sick, or live away from home. You think of and want to eat the food that you grew up with and this phenomenon happens because it is taste of memory, it is not yours but the body, flesh, sprit, and soul are separated.

The inconsistency of the mind is when you have the strong desire of possessing materials and the high-stress that arise from it is the reason for overeating.

The switched soul makes you do that. When you exist as you rightly, you don’t feel lonely and you don’t have ups and downs in your mind.

Life is good and you can enjoy the best.

It is good that you can do whatever that you want to do.

Who can lead the life can have the right to enjoy it.

Love and happiness emerge so the weight of life feels lighter and you can overcome the severe competition.

Healthy color food

Black is good for kidney. white is good for lung, red is good for heart, blue is good for liver, and yellow is good for stomach. When you intake foods, it is good to use the five colors.

Suhan Water