SW Healing Reviews


The most important part of SW healing is sharing the healing experience and gratitude with others. After the healing, you'll have the power to give positive influence to others

let me take this opportunity to thank you for your healing, advice & support - all are greatly appreciated. It is evident that you are a healer with wisdom & insight. May you be blessed 100x from above for your kind & gracious heart
— A from NY
Wow-!!!! I found your site applied for remote healing * then found your articles on medium & you answered almost all of my confusions * giving me a path & plan to self healing- AGAIN - WOW-!!!! THANK YOU-!!!
— Raintree
Its amazing how good I feel and I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I still have many challenges and if I stop hiding from them I will be able to move on.
— J
I have been trying to do more stuff on my own. A lot of self help stuff that I love. Like going to the beach because I want to.. going to meditation classes, hiking, bike riding a lot of stuff on my own. Just honestly getting that push on doing stuff I love to better myself. Which I believe is helping me a lot. A few weeks ago I didn’t have so much of that energy so if it’s the positive energy I can see it working. Which I highly appreciate!
— Evelyn
After drinking one water, I became healthier and more energetic than ever.
— Austin Z
Really grateful to have someone that listens to me and understands what I’ve gone through... I want to return this back to people who are also suffering from things that they never wanted
— S from SF
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