SW Healing


Seongwun Healing Wheeling 


Remote healing that spreads across the world 

SW mind wheeling body Thought heeling body

It will show in the present that the body has renewed and transformed in SW.

When you are clear and clean, there will be forgiveness and reconciliation.

When you become brighter, you'll know what might lie ahead and be able to act with the different state of mind. It will become truly yours when it appeals to you while executing.


You'll become what you think.

Making impossible possible.

Even the things that don't suit for you now will change to fit well with you. 

You need to recognize the importance of your existence that you are alive breathing here and now.

When there's me and myself, each one of our happiness will arise.

You need to remove basic cause of the disease, pain and illness to achieve complete recovery.  

Thought, muscle, mind, nerve, heeling, wheeling, harmony, health, business, water vein, feng shui, wind, water


House, Building, Location, Site, Turning Direction, Negative, Positive, Change

it's where we gather and remotely healed and cured


Life that is always green. 

Each one of us will change and live in the transformed present reality


Thought and mind need to be renewed and clear from Ki to energy. With the positive mind, you'll be able to lead a better life.


It's removing things that are stuck on the surface of your body, flesh, and bones living as human and men since you got out into the world.


With positive pole, by removing and healing the negative energy and germs that causes disease, you can establish yourself and live on their own.

Stagnant water in your body should disappear so that one pure sex love is considered as important.

When head mind gets well, your body gets well, past about resentment will disappear so that the place you stay and live become good.


Making what's impossible possible, invisible visible.

When it suit you, you can go on by yourself. 

When we straighten out the work to suit you, mind and thoughts fit so your body will be empowered fully.



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